Dr. Tobias de Taillez

Tobias studied physics and has specialized in the application of deep neural networks in his doctorate. He leads the technical development at WARGdrones and ensures that the latest scientific insights find their way into our products. He is also a simulation specialist and flies race drones in his spare time.

Alexander F. Wüst

Alex has 15 years of experience in the field of electronic warfare as shareholder and CEO of a jammer manufacturer under his belt and has extensive knowledge in the field of defence and drone mitigation, with strong ties to customers and vendors.

Mike Lohmann

Mike started his first business, related to internet technology, in 2002. Since 2016 he has been shareholder at elbstack. As an entrepreneur he helps to organize the development and infrastructure at WARGdrones. On top of that, he serves a sparring partner for Tobi and Alex.


Patrick Oetken

Electrical Engineer, Embedded Systems

Timo Janssen

Mechanical Engineer

Ragini Pant

Computer Vision Engineer


Andy Nahapetian

Software Developer - Infrastructure



GARMR is an automated drone system that aids customers in protecting their perimeter against unwanted intruders.

The GARMR system consists of a drone-home called WARGpad and a proprietary drone, which will automatically take off when an alarm is triggered and search the target coordinates for intruders. If a positive identification has been obtained, the system will notify the connected control centre, which in turn will confirm the identification and notify police. The drone can then be used to interact with the intruders via speaker and also allow the operator to trigger a dye capsule, which will make the intruders identifiable to the police should they flee the scene.

GARMR can also be configured to take on patrol duties or be used as a first responder to fight emerging fires, by dropping flame retardants at desired locations.

The Hub

Hangar, brain, data center.

Accommodates 4 drones in the largest expansion stage with an operational area of 3.4 km². Operational around the clock even during power or internet outages and actively theft-protected by uninterruptible power supply, LTE and GPS.


The PEREGRINE load bearing drone has been designed as a platform to carry a LANCE disrupter from CTS Montreal. When used as a flying disrupter for explosive ordnance disposal, it allows for the operator to designate a target and the drone will be kept in sync with the target automatically and counter the recoil force of the disrupter.