Wargdrones aims to fully automate the process of drone mitigation in urban, rural and warlike scenarios. A swarm of autonomous drones will deploy, whenever an intruding UAS is detected and designated as a threat. The threat will be brought down safely and without any harm to bystanders or further collateral damage. Depending on the reconnaissance capabilities of the underlying detection system, the swarm will then search for a possible pilot or unauthorized personnel in the vicinity.

Our Team

Dr. Tobias de Taillez

Tobias studied physics and has specialized in the application of deep neural networks in his doctorate. He leads the technical development at WARGdrones and ensures that the latest scientific insights find their way into our products. He is also a simulation specialist and flies race drones in his spare time.

Mike Lohmann

Mike started his first business, related to internet technology, in 2002. Since 2016 he has been shareholder at elbstack. As an entrepreneur he helps to organize the development and infrastructure at WARGDrones. On top of that, he serves a sparring partner for Tobi and Alex.

Alexander F. Wüst

Alex has 15 years of experience in the field of electronic warfare as shareholder and CEO of a jammer manufacturer under his belt and has extensive knowledge in the field of defense and drone mitigation, with strong ties to customers and vendors.


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